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Personal assistant required for an autistic woman who has a variety of health conditions, to support her to lead a healthy and independent life.

I am a young woman with a wide range of interests. I love being in nature, going for walks and driving out to beautiful places. I really enjoy watching live music and going to open mic nights at cafes and pubs. I don’t drink but I enjoy going to beer gardens.

I like watching comedy and am interested in neuropsychology and cats. I enjoy playing on my Xbox…
I struggle to lead the life I wants to due to the impact of my health conditions and can find it a challenge to attend to my needs. I am looking for somebody who is happy to do domestic duties, who may have to help with personal care and who is also a skilled companion who can support me to achieve my daily aims.

I have conditions which could make me vulnerable to Covid 19 and so the successful candidate will be expected to work in a Covid safe way.

Whilst I am looking for somebody that will accompany me to social events and help me have a more social life this will also depend on local restrictions and how safe it is to socialise.

General Duties

·         Support with ensuring basic daily activities are completed such as getting dressed and washed .

·         Help creating a helpful routine and sticking to it

·         Help with organisation and focusing on tasks

·         Finding ways to support and promote better mental and physical health.

·         Help with financial budgeting

·         Offering support to ensure that essential appointments are attended, particularly medical appointments. This may involve accompanying to appointments.

·         Ensuring medicine is taken on time.

·         Help explaining and advocating, especially in health settings.

Domestic Duties

·         Shopping

·         Managing and maintaining a nutritious diet and preparing tasty meals

·         Domestic household tasks such as hoovering and cleaning

·         Laundry

Social Duties

·         Support with getting involved in social activities, and where appropriate accompanying to social activities

Personal Care

·         This role will potentially include personal care.

I am looking for somebody that is able to do all the above when necessary, whilst understanding my need for involvement and independence.

(Ref EB/24725)

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To apply for this job email your details to jemima.alexander@wecil.co.uk.