I work as a Care Assistant at Brunelcare’s Robinson House care home.

Moving to the care sector was a big change for me as I worked previously as a Cleaning Supervisor, working in the cleaning industry for 12 years.

I joined Brunelcare in 2016, specifically applying to work as a Care Assistant in Robinson House care home. I had worked for another care provider just before that for a one year as a Community Carer, providing care to people in their homes. Doing that job I became attracted to the idea of providing care in a care home; being based in one place rather than travelling between care appointments.

The main attraction of working as Carer is how much more rewarding I find my job, now that I work with and for people. I love that my job is now one that really benefits others, helping people who can’t help themselves.

Today, for example, I managed to persuade a gentlemen out of bed for the first time in ages – he has been reluctant to leave his bed and room. When he did get up he said he ‘felt good’! That kind of happy occurrence, and it happens all the time, gives me a good feeling when I head home after work.

The main benefit of the job is the wonderful people you work with and care for. I love sitting and talking to those I care for, they have so much to say. Their memories are precious – it’s important to talk about them.

I can see myself working in the care industry for years. I’m always proud to say ‘I am a Carer!’