Apply for jobs

If you see a job you would like to apply for, please contact the employer directly using the link provided on each advert.

Recruiters are responsible for the content of the job adverts on this page. Please contact them directly if you have any questions.

To find out more about local support to help you find work, including job fairs, job clubs and CV tips, visit Ways2Work. There’s also information, advice and interview tips on the National Careers Service website.

Jobs with Bristol City Council

Visit Bristol City Council’s jobsite to see the latest social care vacancies at all levels.

Care jobs in South Glos

If you are looking for work in the surrounding areas of Hanham, Kingswood, Staple Hill, Downend and Filton, please visit Proud to Care South Gloucestershire for vacancies.

Care jobs in health

There are alternative career routes through the health service. University Hospitals Bristol and North Bristol Trust have a range of career options.


One way to help you decide about working in care is to do some volunteer work. Lots of opportunities are available, for example visiting someone who is older and isolated as a befriender or lending a hand at a residential home or hospital.

To find out about volunteering in Bristol visit:

Volunteering information on

Volunteering at University Hospitals Bristol

Volunteering at North Bristol NHS Trust