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Privacy statement

Privacy statement for

Privacy statement: what we do with your personal data

Your privacy is important to us and we take great care to protect it. You can visit our website without giving us your personal data.

Proud to Care Bristol collects information when:

  • Care providers fill in a form to submit a job vacancy
  • Individuals visit the website – all websites do this

Recruiting employers

  • We use the information you submit to advertise the vacancy on the website.
  • We may also use your information in some analysis of how the project is working.
  • From time to time we may include you in our marketing activities. We will share your contact details with Ways2Work, our employment support service, and other Council departments. On some occasions we may share information with the close partners we work with, especially on employment and skills projects. You can opt out at any point.
  • Bristol City Council reserves the right to decline, edit or unpublish any job vacancy at any time


  • The site does not have any forms to collect your personal details.
  • The information found in each job vacancy is the responsibility of the recruiting employer.
  • Website and email links you click on within each job advert belong to the recruiting employer. Bristol City Council is not responsible for protecting data you provide to recruiting employers.

Other ways we may share your data

We may also share your information without asking you if:

  • the law says we must
  • there is a risk of serious harm or threat to life.

Web statistics

We collect web statistics automatically about your visit to our site based on your IP address. This information is used to help us track what people are doing on the site so that we can improve it. We don’t use this information to identify you as an individual and you will remain anonymous, unless you identify yourself by completing a form or an online transaction.


We sometimes store small files called ‘cookies’ on your computer or other device to help improve your experience on the website. Our cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.

Find out about the cookies we store on your computer.

How to see the information we hold about you

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can ask us for the following information:

  • confirmation that your personal data is being processed by the council
  • a description and copy of the personal data
  • the reasons why the data is being processed
  • details of who we have, or might, give it to.

If you wish to see information held by the council about you, please make a data protection request.

Data Protection Notification

You may view the council’s Data Protection Notification by searching for our registration number – Z5873747 – on the Information Commissioner’s website.

Contact the data protection officer



Senior Data Protection Officer
Bristol City Council
ICT Commissioning and Information Governance
P O Box 3176